Own a copy of Mankind's Remedy's debut album Faceless featuring 12 Original tracks of Rock music. Written and composed by Travyn Hargrave (Vocals & Lead Guitar) Mason Dugas (Bass & Vocal Harmony) and Bennett Price (Drummer).  

Faceless 12 Track CD

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  • 12 Tracks of Alternative/Rock music. Hey Buddy, Ratt, The Pit, Don't Forget Me, Hysteria, Rust Brain, Worthless, Start Again (segue) Distortion-Head Overdrive, Brother, Time Flies By, & Won't You Be Mine Tonight will cover an hour of music listening for you. Be sure to drop us a line on our Facebook Page "Mankind's Remedy (@remedy)". The Radio Edition will not feature any explicit lyrics and should be available here by the beginning of November 2018.